M/s Saleh Ejaz Construction Company has built a reputation for providing excellent construction work nationwide especially in mountainous area of KPK /Punjab/ AJK. Project like Thandiani, Patten Khurd Road, Swargali to Boi, Lora Maqsood, Goragali, Lora to Swargali via Nagri Totial Road Distt. Abbottabad and Osia to Malkot Mattel Road (Punjab) and Kotli Gulpur Keroate Road, Kotli Nakyual Road AJK are the example of the adventurous projects completed by this company successfully








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M/s Saleh Ejaz Construction Company dedicated to providing a superior level of road & building construction projects performance. We trust in following basic keys to achieve our goals:

Exemplary Customer Service & Support:

The satisfaction of our valuable customer is the basic key to maintain strong customer relationships. By keeping a regular and open line of communication with our customers and truly listening to their needs, wants and expectations of our clients we can assure customer satisfaction.

Valuable Employees:

Valuable employees are our assets, we never forget that our employees are a reflection of our company. We maintain a friendly, ethical fair and creative work environment that encourages diversity, new ideas and rewards hard work.

Conform to standards of Honesty & Decency:

We always proceed in good faith and never take any kind of illegal advantage of our position or our reputed customers' trust.

Run Our Business Morally & Conscientiously:

We, forever working conscientiously and responsibly and rewarded with trust and devotion from staff and clients. For creating a positive work environment it is the fundamental key to operate business with ethically and conscientiously.

Obligations & Commitments:

This is a very important point of one's character/reputation. We always try to fulfill our promises at any cost to develop reliability and establish trust.

Uphold our Superb Reputation:

Our upcoming success is based on the degree of our current performance. Respectable references always open various ways to build new and existing strong business relationships.